An intuitive website is a must-have for most customer-focused businesses. Internet technologies allow companies to manage the data which is key to their business. It also offers customers and employees a complete experience, also provides potential buyers sufficient detail before contact is made.

Do you want to:

  • Iintegrate existing systems with web applications?
  • Automate web pages updates based on database changes?
  • Manage your documents and data with a web-based user interface?
  • Achieve consistent styling across applications and platforms?
  • Conduct web-based staff training and assessments?

    Our developers specialise in the more complex application development services that give your website the backbone it needs to offer your stakeholders the best experience possible.

    Our consultants offer a full specification and review service. We work with you to help map out your goals, then suggest various strategies to best achieve your objectives within envisioned time scales and budget. We always try to set realistic expectations, and can advise on ways to achieve maximum value for money. For example, the use of free open-source toolkits can significantly reduce project costs.

    Custom Web Application Development Services

  • Data translation and integration with Web-based content management systems.
  • Automatic update of catalogue data between systems
  • Web-based document management
  • Web-based data or content management
  • Web interfaces
  • Plug-ins
Internet Environments include:
  • JAVA (J2EE, JavaScript, Java Beans, AWT/Swing, JDBC, Java RMI)
  • RSS, MySQL, MS SQL, MS Access
  • Apache, IIS 5.0, IIS 6.0
Web-based Development Expertise             

We has been developing Web-based applications for over 4 years. We have developed one of the most sophisticated website and add-ons for customers requiring Web-based data management, and global dissemination of information via their Intranet or the Internet.

Recent Web-based Development Projects
  • Enterprise Process Management System for graphical representation and worldwide dissemination of procedures
  • Web-based Document Management System
  • Update to an Engineering Data Management System for worldwide web access
  • PHP scripting projects to harness an Apache web server to specific databases

Speak to our experienced consultants first - we offer a free, no obligation telephone consultation. We can discuss your issues, the options, and the most cost-effective means of achieving your objectives.

If the project specifications have market value we may even develop your software for free.

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