This product is designed for National companies who mail a lot of packages back and forth. Most of these companies use package carriers who allow them to track the location of their packages online.

However, when these packages have more then one item in them, it becomes really a tedious task to track each individual item. They either do it via email or via faxing the list of items on the package. NOT ANY MORE. The Package Tracking System developed by us allows you to do all this and more.

Our Package Tracking System will allows users to log on to the system and create packages that they are going to send over to some site. They go in and create a package, add items to a package and send the package online.

The package will instantly appear at the receiving end with the list of items on the package. The receiver will then check-off each item that it received in the package and finally confirm reciept. All missing items will be visible on the 'missing items' list.

This allows the company to track their packages more efficiently. To view a demo of this system, please contact us.

P.S. The default user name and password are 'admin' 'admin' / 'sender' 'sender' / 'receiver' 'receiver'

OHD is a professional issue-tracking and project management system. It is reliable, convenient, secure and completely web-based.

  • OHD is professional.  It is created by professionals for professionals. OHD utilizes the web environment to extend its application without any requirements on the client machines.
  • OHD is easy to use.  The system is carefully designed to make its user interface as intuitive and convenient as possible. No training required, you may start use it immediately.
  • OHD is reliable.  It has lightning-fast response and 99.9% uptime.
  • OHD is secure.  There is no access provided to the data directly, even the web pages are secured y requiring authentication.
  • OHD is completely web-based.  There is nothing to install and no hardware or software to buy.

Exceptionally easy and quick to learn (no training required), packed with many powerful features, attractively priced, OHD is the best choice for your company.

OmegaSoft Inc. provides unlimited online manuals on all our products at no extra cost. We can also supply contracted online or on-site and telephone support on request.

The e-Commerce solution is similar to the Catalog Engine. However, with the e-Commerce Solution, you get a lot more features about products. You can even do online payments.

This is a perfect application for companies who are trying to reach more customers via the web.

LIVE DEMO Comming Soon.

The content on a website can be secured by the content management system. However at times it is necessary to have multiple levels of security for various pages. The extranet engine will allow administrators to secure the pages by requesting logins, as well as by the security levels.

This is usefull for medium to large scale companies where they need to be able to publish different content to different departments and different positions within those departments.

It provides an easy to use interface for managing the entire extranet.

Content Management Systems (CMS) have revolutionized the way organizations update content on their Websites. A CMS allows content to be stored, retrieved, edited, updated, controlled, and published in a variety of different ways. And, since users do not need to know HTML, the incremental cost of each update cycle shrinks dramatically over time.
Traditionally, web developers tasked with making new sites or site updates do so with little to no input from you, then take weeks or even months to complete the programming and setup. Whenever you want to make a change to the site " such as add a press release or modify an employee's e-mail address " you have to go through the web developer, who may take days or weeks to complete an update and typically charges for it on an hourly basis. These charges can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Don't rely on others for updates, and don't pay for each change you make!

Because of these delays and charges, many organizations simply stop spending the time and money it takes to keep their web sites current. Sites become stale and hard to use. Not only does this frustrate web site visitors, it tarnishes the reputation of the organization, impact bottom lines.

With OmegaSoft's Content Management System, we start by building a partnership with you. We work with you to design the web site that's right for your organization. Within a short time, you have a unique and professional web site design. Once you are satisfied with the look and feel of the site, we can build your web site in a single day.

Be up and running with a new, professional-looking site.

Once the site is built, we'll work with you to add the content you want people to see and use on your site " news, events, customer surveys, and so much more. Our site specialists can add this information for you, or your organization can use the incredibly easy to operate site maintenance tool to add the information on your own, without any delays or extra fees. Use the editing tools to populate site components pre-designed into your site, and use it to add additional new pages you may need.

LIVE DEMO comming soon.

Today, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) manages business processes spanning sales, support, and marketing creating effective customer interactions. Given the purpose of CRM, the functionality is straightforward, and the benefits of successful deployments clearly generate value and profitability for any company. Great CRM solutions need to encourage users to interact with the application as well as be in-tune with the business and IT cost-saving needs.

  • Low acquisition cost
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Fast and easy user adoption
  • Flexible solution to blend with current business processes
  • Open standards for low cost integration with legacy systems

Our Catalog Engine is the best solution for companies which provide a variety of products. For companies who just want a website to display their products and specificaitons online.

Like all our other tools, this tool as well is user friendly, and does not require any knowledge of programming or designing. You can add delete categories, and products to your brochure.

LIVE DEMO comming soon.
A blog is often a mixture of what is happening in a person's life and what is happening on the Web, a kind of hybrid diary/guide site, although there are as many unique types of blogs as there are people.
People maintained blogs long before the term was coined, but the trend gained momentum with the introduction of automated published systems, most notably Blogger at Thousands of people use services such as Blogger to simplify and accelerate the publishing process.

Blogs are alternatively called web logs or weblogs. However, "blog" seems less likely to cause confusion, as "web log" can also mean a server's log files.

We provide our standard blogging software for customer's use or provide custom made solution based on their requirements.

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