Package Tracking System

This product is designed for National companies who mail a lot of packages back and forth. Most of these companies use package carriers who allow them to track the location of their packages online.

However, when these packages have more then one item in them, it becomes really a tedious task to track each individual item. They either do it via email or via faxing the list of items on the package. NOT ANY MORE. The Package Tracking System developed by us allows you to do all this and more.

Our Package Tracking System will allows users to log on to the system and create packages that they are going to send over to some site. They go in and create a package, add items to a package and send the package online.

The package will instantly appear at the receiving end with the list of items on the package. The receiver will then check-off each item that it received in the package and finally confirm reciept. All missing items will be visible on the 'missing items' list.

This allows the company to track their packages more efficiently. To view a demo of this system, please contact us.

P.S. The default user name and password are 'admin' 'admin' / 'sender' 'sender' / 'receiver' 'receiver'

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