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OHD is a professional issue-tracking and project management system. It is reliable, convenient, secure and completely web-based.

  • OHD is professional.  It is created by professionals for professionals. OHD utilizes the web environment to extend its application without any requirements on the client machines.
  • OHD is easy to use.  The system is carefully designed to make its user interface as intuitive and convenient as possible. No training required, you may start use it immediately.
  • OHD is reliable.  It has lightning-fast response and 99.9% uptime.
  • OHD is secure.  There is no access provided to the data directly, even the web pages are secured y requiring authentication.
  • OHD is completely web-based.  There is nothing to install and no hardware or software to buy.

Exceptionally easy and quick to learn (no training required), packed with many powerful features, attractively priced, OHD is the best choice for your company.

OmegaSoft Inc. provides unlimited online manuals on all our products at no extra cost. We can also supply contracted online or on-site and telephone support on request.

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