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Content Management Systems (CMS) have revolutionized the way organizations update content on their Websites. A CMS allows content to be stored, retrieved, edited, updated, controlled, and published in a variety of different ways. And, since users do not need to know HTML, the incremental cost of each update cycle shrinks dramatically over time.
Traditionally, web developers tasked with making new sites or site updates do so with little to no input from you, then take weeks or even months to complete the programming and setup. Whenever you want to make a change to the site " such as add a press release or modify an employee's e-mail address " you have to go through the web developer, who may take days or weeks to complete an update and typically charges for it on an hourly basis. These charges can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Don't rely on others for updates, and don't pay for each change you make!

Because of these delays and charges, many organizations simply stop spending the time and money it takes to keep their web sites current. Sites become stale and hard to use. Not only does this frustrate web site visitors, it tarnishes the reputation of the organization, impact bottom lines.

With OmegaSoft's Content Management System, we start by building a partnership with you. We work with you to design the web site that's right for your organization. Within a short time, you have a unique and professional web site design. Once you are satisfied with the look and feel of the site, we can build your web site in a single day.

Be up and running with a new, professional-looking site.

Once the site is built, we'll work with you to add the content you want people to see and use on your site " news, events, customer surveys, and so much more. Our site specialists can add this information for you, or your organization can use the incredibly easy to operate site maintenance tool to add the information on your own, without any delays or extra fees. Use the editing tools to populate site components pre-designed into your site, and use it to add additional new pages you may need.

LIVE DEMO comming soon.

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